Exclusive: Mounting and fastenings

This versatile master class is rightfully considered a diamond in the collection of tutorials!
It contains ALL of the studio's experience in creating huge orders, the photos of which can be seen in the portfolio. All the secrets are revealed in great detail.

In the video we show everything by the example of our studio decorations, tell in details and show all the tools and devices for attaching flowers.
We will tell and show on examples of works of our studio how to fasten flowers:

  • - To a wall and a ceiling, features of fastening, a detailed analysis and the smallest details
  • - how to create suspended constructions with flowers
  • - how and what to fix flowers without damaging the surface, the peculiarities of the weight load
  • - different types of functional frameworks for photo zones, all kinds of constructions (walls, arches, collapsible and mobile constructions), materials and manufacturing methods, pros and cons of different constructions
  • - how to make a photozone so that it could be transported
  • - fastening of flowers to different photozone constructions, how and with what, peculiarities, schemes and step-by-step photos
  • - more about press-walls (banner photozones), error analysis, pros and cons
  • - preparation of bindings on the flower at the stage of its assembly
  • - secrets of creating mega lush arches and double-sided photo zones
  • - creation of rose flowers. how and what to make the stems from
  • - how to make a flower universal to be fixed on a stem or a frame of a photozone.
  • - how to choose the stems depending on the size and weight of the flower
  • - stable flower stands, their types and peculiarities, weight and sizes
  • - how to attach leaves to the stem and how to shape them
  • - how and what to decorate the stem with
- the secrets of assembling and creating a giant two-meter tall rose
How to deliver the master class: after payment you will receive a link to the source of the master class on your e-mail.
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