Rose from Isolone (EVA)

To create a rose you will need:
  • - isolon
  • - electric stove for the kitchen
  • - paint (tell us what kind in the lesson)
  • - scissors
  • - hot gun
  • - glue sticks
  • - piece of plastic pipe
  • - brush
You will learn how to:
  • - Quickly cut petals from pre-made dimensional templates (you only need to print out the pattern)
  • - make flower petals of isolon or EVA into beautiful shapes with the help of handy materials that everyone has at home
  • - to assemble a bud and make it realistic
  • - choose a good quality paint for isolon
  • - to paint a flower at home
The master class lasts 90 minutes.
After payment, you will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. You can watch it at any time, it will always be available, you need an Internet connection to view it.
Patterns and templates of petals are attached to the master class.
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