Airy Peony

Step by step shows all the stages of creating a flower.
We make from available materials, the cost of the flower is minimal, the pattern is attached in additional materials.

To create a large Organza Peony you will need:
  • organza
  • scissors
  • glue
  • artificial stamens
  • wire, florist wire
  • duct tape
  • fabric paint
  • lighter/candle
  • fabric paint
  • airbrush
You will learn how to:
  • how to assemble the Organza Peony;
  • dye and tint a flower according to the author's techniques of our studio;
  • work with fabric;
  • how to attach the flower to different surfaces;
  • to decorate the stem.
Our subscribers often notice that in pictures of flowers from organza fabric look like a pattern!

The secret of the watercolor effect is dyeing! It is also the most difficult thing about working with fabric. It requires a lot of time to create an unusual color. The shade has to be not only good in appearance, but also perfect on the material.

To understand the algorithm for perfect dyeing, we spent many hours in the workshop. After the lesson, you will know all the secrets, bypassing the long hours of trial and error.
We will help you to create a beautiful flower, which will be a worthy decoration of a holiday, a photo zone or just an unusual detail of the interior of your home.

The lesson is designed for beginners. If this is your first experience in decorating, the result will be at the highest level! You can work in a comfortable mode and atmosphere, and in case of difficulties put the recording on pause or reconsider a fragment once again. Also our consultants are always ready to help you. We promise, it works for everyone!
The cost of materials is minimal, and everything you need can be found at any craft store.

Why should you choose us?
Our online school is hard work and a lifelong endeavor. We spend all our experience and energy on improving master classes and developing new lessons. Video courses are based on real experience: we only teach what we know and practice ourselves. All of the flowers from our lessons were used in the design of events and photo zones.
The duration of the master class is 50 minutes.
After payment you will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. You can watch it at any time, it will always be available, you need an Internet connection to view it.
With the master class includes patterns and templates for petals.
Attention! Recording workshops and their distribution is forbidden by the rights holder.
If you try to re-record the video lesson, access to the master class will be closed.
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