Step by step shows all the stages of creating a flower.
We make from available materials, the cost of the flower is minimal, the pattern is attached in additional materials.

To create a giant rose you will need:
  • - 5 mm thick PPE isolone (or EVA 5 mm)
  • - stove / construction dryer
  • - polypropylene pipe
  • - 5-layer cardboard
  • - a hot glue gun with about 65 Watt
  • - glue sticks;
  • - scissors/clippers
  • - partner
You will learn:
  • work with patterns;
  • create a frame for a flower;
  • shape petals in an elegant way;
  • assemble the bud and make it look realistic!
  • Create a truly gigantic flower!
In addition to step-by-step instructions and a video to help assemble the Rose-Giant, the lesson includes:
- Templates of dimensional cutouts of stems, leaves and petals for Rose-Giant
- Techniques for airbrushing flower coloring
-Some ways to make a sturdy and beautiful floor base for a stem.

All the flowers from our master classes were used in the design of events and photo zones and satisfied customers are a direct confirmation of the success of our work.
Master - class as detailed as possible and will be understandable even to a beginner, we generously share creation techniques, reveal secrets of skill and do not gloss over the details.
Your success is our success too! Can't fail!
The master class is 90 minutes long.
After payment you will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. You can watch it at any time, it will always be available, you need an Internet connection to view it.
Patterns and templates for petals are attached to the master class.
Attention! Recording the master classes and their distribution is forbidden by the copyright holder.
If you try to re-record the video lesson, access to the master class will be closed.
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