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This is a course in which we have collected all the lessons of our studio available in English. We also included a few lessons that are not yet translated.

In addition we'll send you all the patterns as well as PDF instructions of the four most popular workshops so that you can just print them out and read, saving you time to refresh your knowledge.

The full collection includes the following lessons:
1. Lush paper peony.
2. The EVA Peony
3. An airy organza peony
4. Organza anemone
5. Ranunculus from EVA (Isolon)
6. Giant rose from EVA 120cm
7. Rose out from Isolon 30cm
8. Delphinium from organza
9. Peony shaped rose
10. Cotton boxes made of synthetic cotton
11.Eucalyptus leaves made of Isolon or EVA
12. Mounting and fasteners
13. Video recording of training on photo zones - we will teach you how to create photo zones.
14. Video recording of training on big colors - additional information on big colors.
15. Video recording of master class Poppy flower from EVA
16. Archived master class Peony
17. Roses from paper
18. Hydrangea from paper
19. Ranunculus from paper
20. Hydrangea from paper

After learning all the materials you will be able to very easily assemble any flower you come up with or see, and use your experience with the materials for new creations.
These lessons concentrate all experience and basic techniques on working with fabric, paper, EVA and Isolon. Also a lesson on bindings will cover all the intricacies of flower bindings. Video recording of the training on photo zones will dispel all doubts that it is difficult to make a photo zone.

This course has already been taken by more than 300 people around the world! And you could see the results in our profile on instagram.

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