Trial lesson "Poppy from EVA"

Video lesson on making a large poppy out of EVA
This lesson was recorded by us at a meeting of our subscribers on YouTube. The lesson will introduce you to a variety of techniques for working with EVA.

To create a poppy you will need:
- EVA material
- foamiran
- corrugated paper
- aluminum foil
- hot gun
- glue sticks
- scissors
- electric tile
- thread/wire
- instant glue
- piece of plastic pipe
- paper tape
- pastel
- sponge
- wet wipes

In this tutorial we will teach you how to make poppy flowers:
- Independently make patterns for poppies
- To create not just a semblance of a flower but its realistic copy: to give petals a natural look, tone, in a word - "to breathe life into them
- Framing poppies with the choice of material for leaves and flower stems
In addition, we will tell you:
- What EVA is: where to find and how to choose the perfect material. (A list of suppliers is attached)
- How to prepare a flower to attach to the stem to get a discreet and beautiful transition
- We'll show you how to make a stable stem stand that will never let you down and will be a reliable support

Bright, life-affirming poppies paint even the grayest of everyday life.
Have you always wanted to try your hand at making big flowers, but were afraid to start? Today is the time! Rostov poppies are a great start to create flowers for decoration and decorations.

Anna Tsvetkova's decor studio has been professionally creating rose flowers from a variety of materials for over five years. We have come a long way: we learned how to do it ourselves, decorated countless venues and photo zones, and now are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you. All our master classes contain proven techniques and methods that really work

Master class 100 minutes long
Patterns and templates for petals are included with the master class.
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